Hope says,

Life can be very hectic and complicated as a wife and mother of two small children. To this, add a completely alien environment and a new language, and life can seem impossible.

NextoYou French lessons take the stress out of having to organize your day to fit in lessons because Irène comes to you and accommodates your specific situation. (Mine is having a two years old boy constantly by my side.). Not only do you learn French but she customizes the lessons to suit your needs - how to speak to receptionists at the doctor's office, how to order a cake for your child's birthday, or how to arrange a visit at the local garderie, etc. You learn the French that you need most in your daily life.

Beyond linguistic skills, Irène also brings local culture and interesting information to you. She helps me learn about my new surroundings in a fun and enjoyable manner.

My Nextoyou lessons have made my 'Swiss Life' better!

Fernando says,

Irène's novel approach to learning French was quite effective for me especially compared to my previous experiences with other private professors and 'corporate-sponsored' academies. She took the time to assess my level of French, help me set realistic goals, and quickly identify what activities and materials motivated me to learn. After only a couple of sessions, she even discovered other areas that required a bit more work than I thought.

The program she tailored for me focused on developing my 'business' french and improving my conversational skills with an emphasis in pronunciation. Her talent was to keep the pace, topics and learning methods varied enough to make of our meetings an opportunity to learn and discover cool events and places (some of which have become my favorites).

Meeting local authors at the Morges book fair, discovering a great coffee house or getting the lowdown on local wineries while tasting freshly pressed "moût de raisin" was not only fun but actually quite a relatively effortless way to learn.

Ralph says,

NextoYou has made the transition to moving to Switzerland fun and educational.

Irène has provided me with the confidence and basic French to make dinner reservations, go to the market, and survive in these first trying months. All the materials she provided are great references and will never be far from my reach.

Merci beaucoup!

Julia says,

I think NextoYou is a great solution that helped me integrate better in my new environment. I have learned the practical French I need every day and Irène was really there next to me (when I made my first appointment to the dentist, when I had to deal with the plumber or at the butcher for example).

Now I feel more confident to use the little French I have and to get in contact with local people. And it's also nice to have a person who can help you find your way and give you good ideas and recommendations.

Thanks Irène !

Maria says,

I have known Irène for a few years as she aided us in our initial relocation to Switzerland. Irène is knowledgeable, practical, talented and very personable. From our first meeting with her, she has been fabulous in so many ways. I always told her when she was working with us that I often forget that she is working. She truly relates and interacts as a genuine friend interested in her client’s well being.

She has aiding others “in her blood” and it comes very naturally. I have seen her transition from a relocation agent to an individual offering enhanced language learning to newcomers in Switzerland with the origination of “NextoYou”. Irène is providing much more than assistance with the French language. She is enabling individuals to learn French in a very practical and applied manner out in the natural Suisse environment. It is a talent that she has and a willingness on her part to make the larger effort to teach out in the real life setting. She is flexible and provides a customised solution to one’s unique needs. She is offering a very unique and beneficial service and she embodies the phrase “NextoYou”. It perfectly reflects her and her intentions to assist others with the French language and the living in Switzerland transitions.

I highly recommend Irène and am confident that she will succeed in providing great benefits to others in their transitions to a new living environment here in Switzerland.


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