About NextoYou

NextoYou is owned and run by Irene Jarisch, a Swiss lady who lives in Lausanne area. Irene worked in the Relocation business for over 10 years and therefore knows as well as anyone can know, the challenges facing newcomers to Switzerland.

She has also lived in many countries such as the US, China, Japan or Germany where she taught French and experienced the living in different cultures.

With her strong background in languages (she has a master in Literature : French-Chinese at the University of Geneva) and her different personal experiences around the world, she understands what it takes to learn a language in a new environment.

Moving to a new country, getting yourself or a whole family settled can be a wonderful experience when surrounded by professionals. With her approach, Irene gives you all the support you need to integrate in your new community and make you feel like you belong.

"I created nextoYou to help people enjoy their new life in Switzerland! No need to feel overwhelmed as my customized approach will help you find solutions to your needs as I will be next to you!"

A successful integration can only be achieved by using the local language and also by understanding the way people live and behave.

Irène Jarisch